Indoor Air Quality Testing

Testing for molds, humidity, particulates, and VOCs – and then knowing how to remedy these – can often provide relief from symptoms – both our physical and mental well-being. For those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and EMF sensitivities, clear indoor air is crucial for feeling one’s best.

Mary Anne utilizes the expert analysis of Hayes Microbial Lab in VA, and often has the results of your home’s air quality testing back the next business day. While the results of mold testing may be expected, testing of particulates can be a surprise, including excessive amounts of soot, dander, dust mites, gypsum, and pollen. For testing of VOCs, Mary Anne uses the Enthalpy Analytical Environmental Testing Lab.

After Mary Anne presents the lab’s findings, recommendations are then provided for remediation, including which skilled, local providers to consider that use the healthiest products and processes for clients with environmental sensitivities.

Mary Anne is in certification in 2023 as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant, having completed the required 200 hours of coursework. Each month, she meets on Zoom with the Building Biology Institute’s indoor air quality experts throughout North America to pose questions and stay current on new developments.


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