Mary Anne’s first passion for EMF work began with community education of the health effects of wireless radiation on children. In 2016, she founded the grassroots organization SafeTech Kids NC, to share this important information with school officials and parents. Now called SafeTech NC, this 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, still led by Mary Anne, shares why and how to use technology safely. We provide community education and prioritize reaching clinicians and leaders in education and public policy. Mary Anne’s unique background as a public health educator, nurse, and EMF specialist provide the perfect fit for sharing complex EMF science along with simple solutions. Her goal with each presentation is to ease the process of behavior change to lower EMF exposure, particularly due to the addictive quality of wireless devices. Each presentation is tailored to meet the audience’s needs and interests. See Recent Appearances for the list of medical conferences and other major presentations she has provided.

“As an EMF expert, Mary Anne Tierney has had a wealth of knowledge to impart in every webinar and conference I have attended. Her strengths as an EMF educator are highly evident with her command of the most cutting-edge research in this rapidly evolving and important field of study. I’ve found her recommendations to be helpful and solid based on her understanding of peer-reviewed literature as well as her vast experience out in the field. Mary Anne had thoughtfully prepared a presentation for my daughter’s school in which she presented valuable information and hands-on experiments which impressed both students and faculty alike. I am so grateful for Mary Anne’s presence and work in the region! 


Asheville NC

“I am SO HAPPY you are doing this work!!!!! Everything you have done in your past has been leading up to this! We are so fortunate to have you, and with all your experience and resources and diligent digging. You are so kind and caring and helpful.”

Diana Schultz

Building Biologist


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