Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, EMRS

 Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, is an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist certified by the Building Biology Institute.   Since 2011, she has been measuring, mitigating, and educating on the health effects of EMF’s, including 5G.  Mary Anne founded Blue Ridge EMF Solutions in 2018, following the completion of her advanced Building Biology training.

With a background as a registered nurse, public health educator, and recovering electro-sensitive individual, Mary Anne also serves as a remote EMF Health Coach, helping clients to identify means to reduce symptoms, calm the nervous system, and measurably lower their RF/EMF exposure at home and work. Her positive, practical approach can avoid the “overwhelm” that many individuals feel when addressing EMF challenges.

Mary Anne shares her time between EMF assessments, coaching, and education. She is the founder and director of SafeTech NC, which she launched in 2016 due to her concern for children’s extreme exposures to wireless radiation in schools. Mary Anne and a team of committed board members and volunteers provide community education on EMF science and solutions, including for clinicians and leaders in public policy and education. Mary Anne is also an “ambassador” with ScreenStrong – a Charlotte-based non-profit that empowers families to reclaim their kids from the toxic elements of this digital world.

Her focus is on providing comprehensive EMF home inspections and mitigation services that are measurable and affordable. After wasting too much money at the beginning of her EMF journey on “gadgets” that did not help, Mary Anne sells no products. Instead, she refers clients to selective products only after assessing the client’s need, and specific to each of the four types of EMFs.

For 25 years, Mary Anne worked full-time as a health professional – first as a public health educator, working with communities to address and prevent complex health conditions. Later she became a registered nurse, in acute care and later as a psychiatric nurse, assisting patients to overcome challenges with mood, sleep, and the disease of addiction.  Just as she did in healthcare settings, Mary Anne continues to introduce clients to a wide array of methods to retraining the brain’s limbic system, to improve mood and reduce reactivity to EMFs. Integrating her EMF work with her background in healthcare, Mary Anne has served as faculty of numerous medical conferences.  See her recent appearances for a sampling of this teaching.  She is an active member of the NC Integrative Medical Society, for which she has presented EMF science and solutions on multiple occasions. 

“My calling for this work grows from a deep passion for preventing others from suffering, which began for me while working as a Peace Corps volunteer on a child survival project in West Africa. While I witnessed too much disease and unnecessary suffering, I also learned the power of prevention.

After I became sick from EMF exposures in 2011, it was the Building Biology evaluation done on my home that changed my life for the better! It put me on a path to wellness, and how grateful I am! It was the Building Biology Institute’s advanced EMF training over two years gave me the ‘wings’ I needed to ‘fly’ – to help others live healthy, joyful lives. How grateful I am for this work that I was surely created for.”


Mary Anne is honored to work together with her team of technical professionals and consultants who help implement her recommendations and trouble-shoot when needed. See her team members below. She lives outside of Asheville, NC with her family, in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to her calling for this EMF work, she loves to do yoga, garden, bake Paleo sweets, and cheer on her athletic son.

Mary Anne can be reached at MATierney@ProtonMail.com. If you would like to schedule a coaching session or an EMF assessment, please call her at (828) 628-5003 or use the contact form. 

Also on Our Team

William Holland

Consulting Electrician: William Holland has been a licensed Electrical Contractor for over 26 years. Based in Sedona, AZ, he specializes in EMF electrical, design, evaluation, and mitigation. He is well known as the most seasoned EMF electrician in the U.S. William consults with other EMF leaders to find and fix EMF hazards at their sources. He is driven by his passion for attention to detail and client satisfaction.

He is also co-founder of the Los-Angeles non-profit, I Am Living Harmony,  which provides education on EMF health effects and EMF assessments to those in need, including veterans and first responders. His license number is 650101.

William can be contacted through his website, My Quiet Home.

Kevin Driggers

Referring Electrician: Kevin Driggers is a master electrician who is fully licensed and insured since 1999. He owns Chavin Electric, based in Hendersonville, NC, which was founded by his father in 1979. He and his team have specialized in helping the EMF community since 2015. His license number is 08210-U.

He can be reached at (828) 329-1300 or Kevin@ChavinElectric.com

Charles (“Chuck”) Keen

Senior EMF Consultant: Charles (“Chuck”) Keen has performed complex EMF evaluations and mitigation since 1992.  Based in FL, he has worked in the telecommunications industry, in a range of technical, engineering, and management positions that included development of test procedures for radio-frequency (RF) communications systems.

He is an IAEI certified electrical inspector and a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Chuck holds an FCC commercial radio operator license. He is the developer of shielding equipment for reduction of magnetic fields from power lines. He has managed major RF shielding projects, and developed problem resolution for electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Spark Burmaster

Consulting Electrical Engineer: Spark Burmaster, EE, is certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Based in Wisconsin, Spark has more than 30 years of experience performing complex EMF evaluations.

He coaches EMF specialists across North America, including during the Building Biology Institute’s monthly in-service training of its certified experts. Spark can be reached through his website: SparkBurmaster.com

Damon Coyne

Earth Energy / Feng Shui Consultant: Damon Coyne, BBEC is certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant. He co-founded Intentional Environment  in 1997 with his wife Cathy. Damon blends the scientific principles of Building Biology with the art of conscious energy design to transform and create environments that help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. 

In addition to assessing man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR), Damon is an environmental design consultant, Feng Shui designer, and dowser.  Damon assesses anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field called Geopathic Stress. He helps guide remedial measures and design that optimizes the intended use of spaces.

Damon can be reached at  www.IntentionalEnvironment.com, (651) 340-9326, or  damon@intentionalenvironment.com.