EMF Health Coaching

With a background as a registered nurse, recovering electro-sensitive person, and EMF specialist, Mary Anne has learned many techniques to live – and help others live – a joyful, healthy life in this modern world. She incorporates all her skills and experience into her wellness EMF coaching for those with sensitivities to EMFs:

“Triage”: Introduction to solutions to quickly reduce your total body burden of environmental exposures – prioritized according to your health condition, budget, and readiness to change.

Do-it-yourself interventions based on recommendations from the world’s experts in this field, as presented at the EMF Medical Conferences in 2019 and 2021.

Introduction to retraining the brain’s limbic system, which can have long-lasting positive effects on physical and mental health for those who with neurological challenges and EMF-sensitivity

Recommendations on EMF-savvy health care providers, products, shielded clothing, etc.


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You can reach her at (828) 628-5003 or through her Contact page.