EMF Assessments & Inspections

Mary Anne Tierney - Building Biologist

EMF Assessments/Inspections

EMF inspections are designed to give you peace of mind about your living, learning, and work environments, while also lowering your total body burden of radiation exposure.

Four different electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) are thoroughly tested using highly sensitive, professional equipment from Gigahertz Solutions. Mary Anne makes simple suggestions for immediate EMF mitigation, with other suggestions are proposed for later, depending on the client’s budget and desire.

These thorough assessments usually take several hours, and sometimes longer, depending on the complexity of the problems found, size of the home, and number of occupants. Shorter assessments are available for those on a limited budget – most often focused on the sleeping spaces.

Mary Anne’s approach to this complicated field is not fear-based, but fact-based, focused on finding solutions to begin immediately, most of them free or low-cost. No products are sold, and recommendations are made only for needed products that provide measurable EMF reduction. Below is an explanation of the process. 

A free and confidential 15-minute phone consult is first provided to determine
your needs,
interests, housing situation, and inquire about health challenges.

Mary Anne is committed to assuring that her clients understand what she is measuring, in order to maintain a low-EMF healthy home following the assessment.  She spends the first 15 minutes on the following introduction:

  • Providing an overview of the four or five types of EMFs she will measure
  • Introducing the Building Biology EMF guidelines for sleeping spaces
  • Presenting highlights of the most important studies related to clients’ health conditions
  • Explaining the recording process so that clients can document important findings
  • And answering questions related to the process

Then Mary Anne begins the process of measuring these various types of EMFs, along with the home owner:

  • Wireless radiation in the air, emitted by Wi-Fi, “smart” utility meters, cell phones and cell towers, 5G small cells, gaming devices, baby monitors, and all “smart” devices
  • Electric fields from power lines, wiring in the walls, lamps and all plugged-in appliances.
  • Magnetic fields from power lines, current from wiring, motors (like the refrigerator), wiring errors, and stray current on water pipes and utility lines
  • “Dirty” electricity or electromagnetic interference (EMI), emitted by energy-saving light bulbs, dimmer switches, solar inverters, transformers, power supplies, and wiring errors
  • And ground current/voltage measurements may also be appropriate, particularly for shielding projects, roof grounding, and determining sites for new construction.

These assessment are focused on the places where you spend the most time, particularly the bedrooms, office, and kitchen.  Creation of a healthy “Sleep Sanctuary” is a focal point of the assessment, so we are bodies are able to “re-set” at night to deal more effectively with EMF exposures away from home.

Measurements are taken using high-end professional meters, including:

  • Gigahertz Solutions’ NFA 1000 for electric and magnetic fields
  • Gigahertz Solutions’ HFE 59 B & HFW 59D, Safe Living Technologies’ Safe & Sound Pro II
  • Picoscope Oscilloscope 2204A, Green Wave and Stetzer meters for dirty electricity


Mitigation recommendations to reduce the sources of EMFs are initiated during the inspection.   If wiring errors are found, referrals are made to local electricians who know how to fix them properly.  The strategies that Mary Anne presents will vary depending on the client’s readiness to change, budget, health conditions or sensitivities, and whether the home is owned or rented.

Reporting:  The most significant findings and recommendations are summarized in writing at the end of the assessment, along with data collection sheets used during the inspection.  It is ideal for all homeowners to be present during this time to ask questions.  Mary Anne’s written report is also accompanied by Blue Ridge EMF Solutions’ Low-EMF Living Guide, customized for each client, and including the Building Biology guidelines, safer-tech solutions, peer-reviewed studies related to the client’s health conditions, concerns, and interests, as determined during the pre-assessment phone consult.  A customized report with more details is also available for an hourly rate upon request.

Cost: $100 per hour. The length of the assessment varies with each client’s needs, the complexity of the job, and the size of the home.  The minimal length for an assessment is 2.5 hours.  In order to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the four types of EMF’s, four or more hours is often needed.  For those with limited incomes, lower rates may be available.  Use Mary Anne’s contact form to let her know about your home and your situation. 

Travel fees: There are no travel fees for those residing within one hour of eastern Fairview, NC. For those living farther away, the travel fee is $40/hour.    

The cost of mitigation varies with each project. Having wasted precious funds on too many EMF “gadgets” that did not change her own symptoms, Mary Anne is committed to offering immediate solutions that are measurable and free or low cost. She does not sell products, but offers suggestions on various solutions and a select number of products, based on the findings of her assessment. 

 Speciality Services during the EMF Evaluation can also include:

  • Sleep Sanctuaries: Guidance from the Building Biology Institute, including how to create a Healthy Newborn Nursery, to enable our bodies and brains to re-set and heal during sleep, which procedures and products are most important, mitigation recommendations, simple ideas for improving the indoor air, and sleep hygiene tips for peaceful, rejuvenating rest.
  • Safer-Tech Solutions: How to reduce EMF exposure while still using cell phones, iPads, PCs, etc, for learning and work environments.
  • Smart Meter evaluation and solutions for mitigation, including familiarity with local utility companies’ practices and products, and products to shield the utility meter you already have.
  • Wellness Coaching, using nursing interventions that include:
    • “Triage” to quickly improve EMF-related symptoms and reduce suffering, using holistic interventions with no side effects;
    • Do-it-yourself interventions, based on Mary Anne’s many years of professional practice; 
    • Methods to calm the brain’s limbic system to feel more relaxed and react less to the EMF environment;
    • Recommendations on EMF-savvy health care providers across the U.S., products, shielded clothing, etc.


Nature is our Guide.
Our goal is to work together with you
to create havens for health and healing.
~ Just as Mother Nature intended.

Contact Mary Anne today to schedule your Building Biology home assessment.

You can reach her at (828) 628-5003 or through her Contact page.