Together Creating Havens for Healing through EMF Home Inspections and Mitigation

Building Biologist and EMF Specialist Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH,
provides 5G EMF protection, RF testing and mitigation services, EHS Health Coaching, and air quality/mold testing. 

Blue Ridge EMF Solutions

Founded out a deep desire to share the health benefits of lowering exposures to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), Blue Ridge EMF Solutions was founded in 2018.  Based outside of Asheville, NC, Building Biologist and founder Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, EMRS, provides comprehensive EMF inspections of homes, businesses, and schools.  Using professional equipment and the rigorous training of the Building Biology Institute, assessments cover four types of EMF’s, and can include testing of mold and air quality for EMF clients.

About Mary Anne

Mary Anne Tierney, RN, MPH, is an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, certified by the Building Biology Institute.

She finds great joy in providing clients with high-quality assessments and mitigation of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Utilizing her unique skill set as an RN, health educator, and EMF specialist, Mary Anne also serves as an EMF Health Coach to those who are sensitive. Her goal is to help all people to live joyful, healthy lives in this modern world.

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Latest News

Mary Anne Tierney’s Public Appearances

Mary Anne Tierney’s Public Appearances

Hello!  Thank you for interest in my work of sharing simple solutions to use technology safely. Below is a sampling of my recent public appearances.   Hazards of EMF: Solutions for Safer Technology: Panelist following this lecture by Dr. Devra Davis, (5/23/24) in...

Mary Anne’s Public Appearances

  • South Eastern Summit for Behavioral Health, Wrightsville Beach, NC: Wireless Wisdom for Lifting Mood and Enhancing Wellbeing: Science & Solutions for Safely Using Technology – May 11, 2023
  • “Grand Rounds” Presentation for the NC Integrative Medical Society: “Clearing the Air of EMFs: Why & How to Reduce Exposures” – March 25, 2023
  • Podcast with Mary Anne and Courtney Snyder, MD: Quieting the Mind by Unplugging One Day a Week March 3, 2023 (This conversation focused on why and how to take a “tech sabbath” each week.)
  • Daoist Traditions College with Dr Kathy Veon: Wireless Wisdom: Unbiased Science, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Simple Solutions for Electromagnetic Exposures  March 9, 2023 for acupuncture students and practitioners

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